Are all claims filed electronically?2018-03-20T20:43:20-07:00

Yes. Electronic filing assures that your claims get directly to the insurance company. Even claims to insurance companies that don’t accept electronic claims go to the electronic clearinghouse electronically where they are printed and mailed. This guarantees conformity, speed and contains cost.

Will my claims really get paid more quickly?2018-03-20T20:47:32-07:00

Yes! Electronic claims are processed and paid faster. We use an electronic tracking system, showing proof of acceptance of claims by insurance companies.

How soon will I know if the claims have been accepted?2018-03-20T20:48:50-07:00

You will know if your claims have been accepted within 24 – 48 hours.

Will I have to install expensive equipment or software?2018-03-20T20:50:06-07:00

No, any current computer, laptop or phone can access our software 24/7 as needed.

Will my patient charts need to leave my office?2018-03-20T20:52:59-07:00

No. Only information pertinent to billing and claim filing is needed. Your patient information is kept in the strictest confidence.

What about data security?2018-03-20T20:55:21-07:00

Our clearinghouse, Office Ally, stores all patient and insurance information in their secure data storage. Sirius Medical Billing archives information on its secure server for easy recovery should you need it.

Providers that have other specific billing software will be responsible for the security of their information.

How do I get billing information to Sirius Medical Billing?2018-03-20T21:54:56-07:00

We make it easy for you by providing options. We will need superbills or access to EHR, patient demographics and insurance info.

1) You can fax   888-863-5947.

2) Arrange for local pick up.

3)  Email us at [email protected].

How long will it take to set up my account?2018-03-20T21:55:33-07:00

If you do not have your own online billing software, you will need to create a Practice Mate account with Office Ally. We can send you the proper links.  We can have you going in a few days after receiving the necessary information. Cost is $200 for set up.

Do I have to outsource billing administration (data entry, payment posting, etc.)?2018-03-20T21:56:19-07:00

No. Sirius Medical Billing will customize a plan to suit your needs. It is included in our rate.

We don’t have superbills. Will Sirius Medical Billing provide one?2018-03-21T17:43:22-07:00

Absolutely! Just fax or email your information to us and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also do the same with  patient registration forms.

It is highly recommended to use Office Ally Electronic Health Record (EHR) or similar program. This will save you time and decrease mistakes as billing is created by the provider. Billing staff manages everything from there.

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